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The CREATE concept is based on advanced compact thermal storage for existing dwellings using thermochemical storage materials. The heart of the system consists of a vessel that contains a salt that is hydrated and dehydrated, which generates an energy effect. In the time between de-hydration and hydration the energy is stored in the salt. We envision two applications for the heat battery:

  • decentral thermal energy storage bridging supply and demand of renewable thermal energy
  • decentral grid-connected storage for increasing energy efficiency and introducing flexibility in the electricity grid, e.g. using a heat pump.

The technology to be developed will be able to perform well for both applications. The following ideas and assumptions are the starting point for the development of this overall concept:

  • Delivery of economic value is the basis for our development (market-pull)
  • A breakthrough on the level of storage materials is required to yield affordable, stable, high storage density materials
  • Critical components and systems geometry need to be optimized
  • Demonstration is required to prove the economic and technological viability
  • For successful exploitation, the full knowledge, value, and supply chain has to be mobilized


Implementation of the CREATE concept is foreseen in typical European dwellings. MOSTOSTAL will install a full scale solar TCS system delivered by the CREATE project. The system will be installed into a single family house in Warsaw, Poland, where a land climate delivers both cold winters and warm summers. The building was built in 2009 to modern standards. It features 12 cm mineral wool insulation of walls and 20 cm mineral wool insulation of the roof. Heat is produced locally in a bifunctional gas boiler. There is no mechanical ventilation.

The CREATE concept is to develop stabilized storage materials with preserved storage density, improved stability and low price, and package them in optimized heat exchangers, using optimized storage modules. Existing component hardware and infrastructure will be optimally used, to ensure the outcome of the programme. It will be tested as full scale demonstration set-up in a building, with regulatory/normative, economic and market boundaries taken into account. The CREATE system will be capable of using and delivering heat at <100 °C, with minimal thermal losses, high cycle stability and demonstrated economic feasibility. To ensure successful exploitation, the full knowledge, value, and supply chain are mobilized in the present consortium.