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EUROSUN Conference
From Tuesday, 11. October 2016 -  08:00am
To Friday, 14. October 2016 - 05:00pm

The EUROSUN conference was held 11th – 14th October 2016 in Palma de Mallorca has gathered companies and universities from around the world. The subjects presented covered a wide spectrum of applications of energy production, conversion and storage having as the common point solar energy.
The intermittent character of the solar energy makes the subject of energy storage extremely relevant. In particular, the case of heat storage is very important for the built environment and the evolution towards zero energy buildings and was also the subject of several presentations and posters at EUROSUN. In this context, the seasonal heat storage use case addressed in CREATE is one of the important topics discussed at EUROSUN.
The CREATE project has been introduced to the EUROSUN participants with an oral presentation by Anca Anastasopol (TNO). The successful demonstration of the heat battery using thermochemical materials in MERITS was presented as an introduction to the CREATE project. The continuation of this route in CREATE was received with enthusiasm and interest by the audience.